Karelia '44 player aid

The subtleties of the 1944 Russian-Finnish summer battle

The Standard Combat Series (SCS), from Multi-Man Publishing, depicts large and mid-size battles at the operational level using quite simple mechanisms. Karelia '44 belongs to the "smallest" category in the series, so it serves as a good introductory game to the SCS system.

The learning curve is smooth. After you read the 8-page SCS generic rules, you continue with the similarly sized Karelia '44 game specific rules. Right after you'll be playing your first game. Then, after some turns, you'll notice numerous differences between each side abilities during the artillery barrage, movement and exploitation phases. Struck by these uncertainties, St├ęphane Tanguay — one of the best rules gardian — drew up a table showing the different actions allowed during each phase. This player aid will quickly become your new best friend!

By Michel Ouimet and St├ęphane Tanguay

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